Ep. 5

How to Build a Strong Team
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Join For Richer or Broker as we are joined by Team Azizi Team Leader, Sonia Azizi. In this episode we discuss what it takes to build a strong team. Who represents you definitely matters! Not only do you need the right negotiator, but Sonia also believes you need to feel comfortable with an agent and develop a personal understanding of one another. Sonia's favorite part of what she does is enjoying the satisfaction of being a part of people's lives, getting to know them, and developing long term friendships. If you are a Realtor® in theSan Diego area and would like a FREE coaching session from Owner/Broker AJPowers​ Text "FREE" to (760) 592-0031, e-mailAJ@ForRicherOrBroker.com or check out WWW.JOINPREMIEREAGENTS.COM.

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