Ep. 30

Building a true referral business
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In the Season 2 premiere of the For Richer or Broker podcast we are joined by Kat Granum from Hasson Company, Realtors®. Listen as Premiere Real Estate Broker/Owner, AJ Powers, and Director of Business Development, Ivan Trujillo, interview, Kat, and talk about building a true referral business. Kat Granum has 15 years of sales and marketing experience to help you buy, sell or invest in Real Estate. She obtained her license 6 years ago and has grown her business from 12 deals in year one to 47 deals in 2019, worth $24.5 million.Kat graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in sociology and global studies. After returning to Portland, Oregon in 2005, she bought her first home and lived in the Bethany neighborhood of NW Portland for 7 years. Recently, she relocated south to her childhood neighborhood in Wilsonville, Oregon with husband, Sean, and their 3 kids. She enjoys spending time with family, running, cooking, connecting with old friends, making new ones and exploring Portland and Oregon! If you have a referral for Kat Granum you can contact her at 503-756-4031 or at Kat@Hasson.com.

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