Ep. 28

Overcoming Adversity
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In this episode of the For Richer or Broker podcast we are joined by Coach Borino. Listen as Premiere Real Estate Broker/Owner, AJ Powers, and Director of Business Development, Ivan Trujillo, interview "The Expired Guru."Borino has been involved in real estate, marketing and training for over 20 years. Coach Borino was born in Communist Czecho-Slovakia and moved to the United States in 1989. Not having any connections or resources, he had to quickly figure out what to do. Hear about how Borino overcame adversity by not letting nightmarish setbacks stop him. His mindset, grit and strong work ethic was key in earning Borino the success we all dream of. Listen in as we learn about how he did it and as always,we end with our guest's 3 tips in business and in life.

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