Ep. 20

Stand Out with Your Open House
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Broker/Owner of Benchmark Properties, Lee Arnold, joins us in studio this week. Lee is an industry leader for technology and ingenuity. Time and again, Lee has led the industry in advancements bettering the leasing experience for both homeowners and residents. With the vision of keeping things simple and the desire to enhance the overall experience for those involved, Lee has contributed greatly to the industry. As a respected property manager, Lee has been a guest speaker on multiple occasions at local colleges, and a contributor to focus groups for leading resident screening software companies and bookkeeping programs. In this podcast you'll learn how to stand out and successfully sell homes by working an open house. We’ll also dive into social media strategies, door knocking strategies and more! If you are a Realtor® in the San Diego area and would like a FREE coaching session from Owner/Broker AJ Powers​ Text "FREE" to (760) 592-0031, e-mail AJ@ForRicherOrBroker.com or check out www.JoinPremiereAgents.com.

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